FUNERALS and RIPOFFS (Doc. 9C -- TV Reports, Part 2)

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These reports/graphics by other U.S. media will help them investigate your local mortuaries.

Document 9C -- TV Reports, Part 2 (NOTE: Contains many small color photos which take awhile to load on some browsers.)

Document 9C

TV Reports, with Color Photos -- Part 2



1 . 2
Photo 1. Men digging into the graves. . . Photo 2. Relatives' grief at seeing the abused bodies.

Photo 1. Bodies stacked several deep in a crematory truck (feet can be seen exposed at the ends of some of the cardboard tubes).

Photo 2. One of the furnaces in which up to 30 bodies were cremated together.

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Photo 1. A red, hazardous waste bag inside a mortuary.
Photo 2. Consumer reporter at the dump finding hazardous waste from the mortuary.

3 . 4
Photo 3. Red bag found hidden inside a regular garbage bag.
Photo 4. A mortuary student finds an embalming fluid bottle and other hazardous waste in a mortuary's dumpster.

(Additional summary will be added shortly.)

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Photo. TV chart shows $295 wholesale caskets.
For these some mortuaries charge $390;
others charge up to $2,100 or more -- for a profit of $1900 or more.

1 . 2
Photo 1. The FTC building in Washington, DC. The FTC instituted its "Funeral Rule" regulations
in order to help end the nationwide abuses found in its 1972-75 investigation of the funeral industry.
Photo 2. Mr. Rauf Abdullah, one of the FTC's principal "Funeral Rule" lawyers.

Photo 3. TV chart indicates two of the main consumer "rights"
given to families by the 1984 FTC regulations.

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(The program offers our IFIC's printed ADVICE and the first IFIC CASKET WHOLESALE PRICE LIST to its viewers. More than 2,000 write in for copies.)

. .
At breaks in the program, there is an animation of a cemetery in which a grave stone marked
with a dollar sign pops up
, accompanied by the clanging sound of an old-type cash register.

Photo 1. Families look at the abused remains of a body disinterred in Tennessee.
Photo 2. Two persons whose father's body had been abused visit his new grave.


Photo 1. The program shows a photograph of the Southwestern Casket Company's "Alpine" hardwood casket. It wholesales for $342 to morticians. Some charge $445 (a 30% profit/markup over wholesale) for it. Others charge up to $3,100 (a markup of 800% over wholesale; nine times wholesale) -- a profit of more than $2,700.
(In 1996, a Houston area mortician said on television that morticians markup caskets as high as ten times wholesale. See previous Document 9B for the Houston TV report.)

Photo 2. The Batesville Casket Company's S-48 "Roman Bronze" 20-guage steel casket wholesales for $351. Some morticians sell it for $490 (40% over wholesale) -- for a profit of $139. Others charge $2,400 (583% profit/markup over wholesale) -- for a profit of more than $2,000.
Photo 3. Indiana Casket Company's "Imperial" 20-gauge steel casket, with cameo pictures in small frames on the corners and on the sides, wholesales for $388 to morticians. Some charge $525 for it (35% markup). Others charge as high as $2,700 -- for a profit of $2,300 (nearly 600% markup; seven times wholesale).

A Florida couple says that a salesman promised a full refund on a pre-pay plan if they couldn't use it.
However, when they tried to get a refund, the plan refused to give them the full price of the casket, but kept 30%, $900.
(More information will be added.)

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