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Truthful information -- needed immediately

if a death occurs, or one is expected,
or if considering a prepay plan.

How to Arrange for a Funeral
and avoid the unfair prices and deceptive tactics
used by
most mortuaries, cemeteries and prepay plans.

FAIR PRICES:  Funerals with Beautiful Metal Caskets: $2,200.
not $4000-$10,000.  Cremation: $700, not $1,500-$2,500+
Truthful information -- needed immediately
if a death occurs, or one is expected,
or if considering a
prepay plan.

How to Arrange for a Funeral
and avoid the unfair prices and deceptive tactics
used by
most mortuaries, cemeteries and prepay plans.

FAIR PRICES:  Funerals with Beautiful Metal Caskets: $2,200.
not $4000-$10,000.  Cremation: $700, not $1,500-$2,500+

                                        1)  DON'T BUY
        HARMFUL "Protective seal" GASKET CASKETS!

     This cruel fraud and rip-off severely DAMAGES EVERY body.
 MOST FAMILIES buy this casket. NEVER warned of the damage!

                Commercial and Catholic bishops' mortuaries and cemeteries
        use these sealer tactics:  1) unfair prices & profit;  2) don't warn families of
         severe body damage by seal caskets - and leaking, exploding seal caskets
          in mausoleums;  4) hide theft, and body and casket damage from families.

                 (And most use the rip-off "vulgarized casket" tactic listed next.)

                                2) DON'T BE TRICKED
                by "VULGARIZED" ("made ugly") CASKETS.

             "Bait-and-switch" tactic used when you PHONE mortuaries for prices;
                    giving you low "vulgarized" bait prices to trick you to come in.

                  3)  OTHER CASKET RIP-OFF TACTICS
                       used by manufacturers and mortuaries.


                      == DETAILED EXPLANATIONS ==

         1)  HARMFUL "Protective seal" GASKET CASKETS

 ● MOST FAMILIES buy them. They DESTROY EVERY BODY put in them.

      YOUR FAMILY probably always buys them because morticians everywhere try
COAX EVERY FAMILY to buy them - to obtain the high profit they bring -
           even though
           Your neighborhood mortician who damages your mother's body is
           interested in high profit than in your mother's body
, your family, and every
           other family in the neighborhood that thought they could trust him.

   "PRESERVES the body": MOST of your "honest" neighborhood morticians act
criminally by telling families that seals "preserve" the body. This is not true.
           Making this claim is
prohibited by federal law - but they hope not to be caught.
           You should
report them to the FTC. Phone 1-202-326-4357 (FTC-HELP).
           See further explanation at the bottom of this column.

   The HARMFUL SEAL is a thin, inch-wide, neoprene rubber gasket that casket
           makers put on the top edge of the sides of the casket and between the halves
           (as shown in a photo below). Morticians
call it "protective", resisting "outside
           elements" (water, insects) and charge
high prices for this deceptive gasket.

   HOWEVER, instead of protecting, the gasket KEEPS OUT OXYGEN - which:

           1) stops normal dehydration and deterioration of the body.

           2) activates destructive ANAEROBIC bacteria already in the body, beginning
                   immediately after the casket is closed. This powerful bacteria causes
                   causes three

             A)  BLOATS THE BODY COMPLETELY OUT OF SHAPE: The body is bloated
                           because this bacteria is
putrefactive, producing an enormous
                           amount of gas. Because the bacteria is in every part of the body, it
                           bloats the face, arms, legs, body, and all organs.

          ●  B)  LIQUIFIES THE BODY, turning the soft body parts into MUSH.
                           Nothing stops this damage caused by the seals cutting off oxygen.
                          Embalming does not prevent this damage. "Burp valves", that
                                 Batesville and other casket makers brag about
do not prevent this
                                 damage because they release pressure but
keep oxygen out.

          ●  C)  EXPLODES MANY CASKETS, blowing mushy body parts out of caskets.
Morticians take the damaged caskets and part of the body to city
                           dumps. Mausoleums hide the damage from families and public.

    EXPLOSIONS:  Sealer caskets EXPLODE daily underground and in mausoleums
           because of the great pressure caused by the gas. Because the seals are the
           weakest part of the caskets, the explosion is caused by the bursting of the
           seals by the high gas pressure.
               When a seal bursts, the
pressurized gas expands inside bloated body parts
blows the bloated and liquified body parts out of the caskets. Some-
the pressure is so great that it blows the concrete or granite fronts off
           of the crypts
               All of this is fully-explained below, with
photos and testimony of experts.

       The seals DON'T PROTECT and DON'T PRESERVE - as falsely claimed by
               all the greedy morticians - but
damage every body.

   NO WARNING:  Morticians and cemeteries DON'T WARN families of damage
           and destruction of their bodies because sealer caskets are the
most lucrative
, FRAUD and MONEY-MAKER of this cruel industry.

    CEMETERIES participate in this fraud, including Catholic cemeteries (the public
           might expect the bishops and cardinals to act honestly and morally, but they
           join in the
criminal destruction of bodies, and cover-up of damage). All do
           this to
help mortuaries trick the public and make huge profit. They do this
           to help mortuaries' rip-off so they will keep sending bodies to their cemetery.

 ●  If any mortuary DENIES this damage, DEMAND that they write a notarized
saying these exact words:
"This mortuary states that sealed caskets do not damage bodies."

     No mortuary will sign this because they know the destruction - and signing this
           statement might lead to
lawsuits for making a false claim.

 MOST METAL CASKETS at ALL mortuaries are the destructive, gasket-seal
because the fraudulent "protective" claim SO SUCCESSFULLY deceives
       most families
and obtains huge profits (up to $3,500 PROFIT on each casket).

 EXAMPLE (from "Topic 3- Beautiful Caskets"):(

  "White Rose"/ Astral Co., White, pink trim (UNSAFE, HARMFUL gasket)
         $   756   Wholesale price to mortuaries
$   956  FAIR price of Good Shepherd Program   (Profit of $200)
        $1,890 to $6,048+ HIGH price of most mortuaries  (Profit to $5,292+)

  <=PHOTO 1:  Click here:  Casket and harmful black gasket. Click photo to close.
     The fraudulent black "PROTECTIVE" seal/gasket DESTROYS the body.

  <=PHOTO 2:  Click here: Thumb lifts harmful gasket's edge. Click photo to close.


  MOST FAMILIES buy these because they:
        1) DON'T KNOW about the terrible danger to every body -- and

        2) morticians COAX or PRESSURE them to buy this kind of casket in order to
               obtain the
great profit to mortuary (up to $3,500 PROFIT from each casket).

  PROMOTION:  Morticians promote these harmful caskets by:
        1) special placement in the sales room;
        2) special lighting;
        3) telling you that
you need to "protect" your mother - if you love her;
fraudulent warranties:  Morticians place beautiful, fraudulent warranty certif-
icates (for 15, 35, 50 and 75 years) in these caskets. They say
FALSELY that the
gasket-seal will
"protect" your relative from insects, water, etc. - despite that the
know that they do just the opposite -- because they care only about profit, and don't care about damage to your mother's body. These caskets BLOAT and severely DAMAGE EVERY body.



    "Clair" casket / Astral, 4 colors (SAFE, NO gasket), 20-gauge steel (20 = normal)
$   452   Wholesale cost to mortuaries
$   652  FAIR price (offered by our Good Shepherd Program)  (Profit $200)
         $1,047 to $3,352+ HIGH price at most mortuaries (Profit to $2,933+)
  <=PHOTO:  Click here to view photo.  Click photo to close it.


   "Alex" casket / Astral, 3 colors (SAFE, NO gasket), 20-gauge steel (20 is normal)
         $   440   Wholesale cost to mortuaries
$   640   FAIR price (offered by our Good Shepherd Program)  (Profit $200)
  $1,047 to $3,352+ HIGH price at most mortuaries (Profit to $2,933+)

  <=PHOTO:  Click here to view photo.  Click photo to close it.


   ●  ASK to see some of the HUNDREDS of beautiful, less-expensive, NO-GASKET
       metal caskets like these
- many models and colors - or see PHOTOS of them.
All mortuaries have color photos. Mortuaries can obtain the caskets in two
           hours from local distributors at no extra cost.
       If the mortuary
won't show you these caskets, and photos of the different colors,
LEAVE and go to a decent mortuary.


                 2)  "VULGARIZED" ("made ugly") CASKETS,
          a "Bait-and-Switch" tactic used when you PHONE for prices.
         Mortuaries give deceptive
"BAIT" prices to attract you to them.

   "VULGARIZING" caskets means making normal caskets UGLY to prepare
        them for mortuaries to
use in "Bait-and-Switch" tactics with families who
phone for prices..
Manufacturers vulgarize normal caskets with shiny decorations (like the Sierra below) - by using DULL paint to spray the entire casket and the decorations to make the casket UGLY.

   Many morticians add MORE ugliness to vulgarized caskets before families arrive:
       1) they put
deep scratches in the paint;
       2) they
break a decoration or handle;
       3) they
break a hinge and then "accidentally" discover it in front of the family;
       4) they
put scratchy shredded wood in the pillow and mattress, and then
rub the scratchy pillow against the face of a family member and say
wouldn't want your mother's head or body lying on this."

    Most mortuaries display one or more vulgarized caskets to use in their "BAIT-and-SWITCH" rip-off tactic with people who phone for prices of caskets and funerals.

    Below is a "BEFORE" photo of a beautiful "SIERRA" casket with its shiny paint and shiny decorations and handles.

    Below it is an "AFTER" photo of the SAME decorations and handles - with the
casket now called
"TRINDEX". HOWEVER, its beauty has been destroyed by
"VULGARIZING" it by spraying dull paint over the entire casket and decorations.

    On the phone, mortuaries will give a low price for the ugly "vulgarized" casket as
BAIT" to trick the families to come in. But, in the mortuary, the mortician will try to
coax families to
"SWITCH" to the beautiful version in order to make hundreds of
dollars more profit (as explained below).


  "Sierra" casket / Astral, 2 colors (SAFE, NO  gasket)
         $469 Wholesale; $669 FAIR price; $1,172-$3,752+ MOST charge

   <=PHOTO:  Click here to view photo.  Click photo to close it.

     "Sierra" casket with original SHINY paint; shiny handles and decorations.)


"Trindex" casket/ Astral ("VULGARIZED"*, DULL paint), (SAFE, NO gasket)
         $425 Wholesale;  $625 FAIR price;  $1,062 to $2,975+ MOST charge

   <=PHOTO:  Click here to view photo.. Click photo to close.

     "Trindex" "VULGARIZED" casket: DULL paint over the entire casket. The dull
HIDES the shiny handles and decorations.


                                         MORE ABOUT
         1)  HARMFUL "Protective seal" GASKET CASKETS

   The DAMAGE to bodies is caused by ANAEROBIC bacteria activated by the seals
turn the soft parts of the body into mush, and produce a tremendous amount of
gas which bloats the face, arms, legs and all parts of the body. The pressure bursts
many caskets and seals every day, and
blows liquified body parts out of the casket.

        EXPLOSIONS: The explosion is sometimes strong enough that it blows the granite front off of a mausoleum crypt -- making it dangerous for any family walking nearby or having a picnic near or under an outdoor crypt when an explosion occurs.

         During several days that ABC-TV's 20/20 program was in Phoenix taping interviews and investigating funeral abuse, an office employee of the Holy Cross Cemetery near Phoenix was asked about sealer caskets' effects. She explained in a taped interview that a casket had recently exploded in the mausoleum and blew the heavy front off the crypt. The cemetery is operated by the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.

         We suspect that the mausoleum never informed the family nor the local media about the damage to the casket and the body - to enable the mausoleum to continue making a large profit by cooperating with mortuaries in hiding the explosions from families, media and the public. In this way, the mortuaries could continue selling the fraudulent caskets for high profits and would continue sending families to the particular cemetery and mausoleum.

     The seal prevents oxygen from entering the casket. The lack of oxygen activates the anaerobic bacteria already in the body. The seal is a thin, inch-wide gasket of black neoprene rubber that lies along the top of the sides of the casket in the photos. It turns the casket into something like a "pressure cooker." You can see the seal by lifting up the cloth covering the side of the casket.

     When the lid is closed, the bacteria immediately begin destroying the body by turning the soft tissue into mush. All parts of the body are bloated out of shape by the enormous amount of gas that is produced by the bacteria. You can read about this destruction in industry embalming books.

     Within a few months, the gas pressure increases until it bursts many seals and caskets, and blows the liquified flesh out of the caskets.


     Morticians secretly take to city dumps the liquified flesh of your relatives that is left in the exploded caskets.

     To prevent families and and media from learning of the casket explosions, mausoleums call morticians and tell them to come in the middle of the night and bring a casket to replace the damaged one. Because much of the body is mushy and liquified, and can't be carried from casket to the other, morticians must use a shovel to scoop parts of the body from one casket to the other.

     Because the liquified body parts are splashed around inside the casket, and it is difficult or bothersome to try to transfer all of the mushy flesh, morticians will leave a good portion of the body in the damaged casket - and then take the damaged casket containing a portion of your mother's body to the city dump -- without telling you what happened to the casket and your mother's body.

    Mausoleums know all about this cruel fraud, about the theft of families' money under the claim or insinuation of "protecting" bodies, and about the intentional destruction of bodies. They do not warn families of the danger of sealer caskets and the waste of money spent on them, and participate in the "cover up" of the damage to bodies and caskets.


     Because some mortuaries try to claim these caskets are safe and worth their ridiculous prices, it is important to look at statements of some experts.

     A noted pathologist, Dr. Jesse Carr, former Chief of Pathology at San Francisco General Hospital, said:

        "If you seal up a casket so that it is more or less airtight, you seal in the
ANAEROBIC bacteria -- the kind which thrive in an airless atmosphere.

        "These are putrefactive ("produce gas") bacteria, and the results of their
              growth are prettty horrible
. ...

        "In fact, you're really better off with a shroud, and no casket at all."

                    (Death to Dust, 1994, by  Dr. Kenneth Iserson, M.D., University of Arizona
                     Health Sciences Center, page 471).

    It is worse in mausoleums. Here are some words of the owner of a mausoleum construction company:

          Sealed caskets "bottle up" evaporating fluids, causing tremendous pressure.
              If the seal gives, the
body liquids "come out in a big GOOSH".

    Another mausoleum builder says:

          "Unfortunately, a lot of people do it the old way...SEAL 'er up and
              LET 'ER RIP (burst)

              says Bob Gray, sales engineer for Gibralter Mausoleum Corp, Indianapolis. (emphases added) (Funeral Service Insider newsletter, Feb.22/93)


     Some casket manufacturers claim that a "burp valve" that they put on some caskets prevents this body destruction; this is false.

     Some provide beautifully decorated, deceptive nearly-useless "warranties" of 15 to 75-years to be put on the caskets to help morticians deceive families and promote these costly, destructive frauds.

     Remember, MOST CASKETS at all mortuaries are this fraudulent destructive type - so either ask to see the non-seal, non-gasket caskets, OR make sure that you remove the seal on a sealer/gasketed casket.

     If a mortuary DOESN'T WARN you about the damage, it is intentionally deceiving you. It is STEALING from you the high price it is charging for the false promise of "PROTECTION" of the body by the "Protective Seal" (which morticians used to call a "PRESERVATIVE SEAL" until the Federal Trade Commission banned their use of the word "preservative."  However, see below.).

     The seal seriously damages your loved one's body - which shows that the mortuary cares only about money, and does not care about you, your family,nor the bodies of any families.

     Mortuaries promote these destructive caskets in order to charge outrageously high prices and obtain high profit.


     You and all families should demand that the mortuary remove the seal (in case you are buying the casket for its design, despite its high price and harmful effects). If the mortuary refuses to remove it, a family member should remove it. Lift up a section of the seal, and use a knife or pair of scissors to cut out a 2-foot section. This will permit oxygen from the ground or mausoleum to enter and stop the anaerobic destructive action and protect the body.

     If a mortician says he and you are not allowed to remove the seal, or that its against the fraudulent "warranty", remind him that when you buy it, it is yours and you can do anything you want to it - without any permission from him.

    NOTE: IF ANY MORTUARY CLAIMS that any part of this explanation is NOT CORRECT, ask him/her to write a notarized statement to assure you that a casket with a seal or gasket will not harm the body of your relative. The mortuary should be willing to do this because they are taking a huge sum of money from you under the pretext of "protection" of the body.

     Ask him to write on mortuary stationery:

       "This mortuary states that a casket with a seal or gasket will not harm a body in any way."

     Ask him to have the owner or manager of the mortuary provide a notarized signature (there is a notary at most mortuaries) and give you the original of the signed statement.

     You will find that no mortuary will agree to write or sign a statement like this because they know that it is false and can be used in a lawsuit against the mortuary.

     You will notice the statement on the mortuary's price list that says that the mortuary "makes no claims about protection of bodies". This is to ALLOW MORTICIANS TO LIE to you that the seal "protects" or "preserves" the body in order to coax you to buy the caskets - and enable morticians to avoid lawsuits against the mortuary when salespersons lie to you.


     A survey of families by AARP found that a majority of morticians LIED to families by telling them that sealed caskets "PRESERVE" the body - even though the Federal Trade Commission prohibits morticians from making this claim because it is false.

     Families need to be cautious about what morticians and prepay plan salespersons say about caskets, prices, plan contracts.

     Many lie about anything and use some or many of the more than 130 deceptive practices (see Topic 8) to coax you to buy, including lying about what is in the fineprint of a contract and what the words mean, to coax or force you to buy high-priced caskets and plans.
Ataúdes fraudulentos destruyen cada cuerpo y lo roban.   > Español

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